Electric Scooter Wiring Diagrams

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Electric Scooter Wiring Diagrams

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how do i build a motorized scooter with a weed eater engine?

i am trying to take a weed eater and turn it into a motorized scooter. i have an old electric scooter that has nothing inside it all i have is a frame and the wires that i tore out. i took the shaft off and the piece of plastic that holds it on off. but the metal thing that spins under the plastic stops when i touch it, what should i do? i dont have a lot of money to spend on this scooter so i need to use the parts that are already there. please draw a diagram of what you want me to do if you can.


How the heck are you suposed to make a scooter out of a weed cutter? It doesn't sound that practical. You should just buy an electric scooter, you can find them at Toys R Us. But there are different sizes, different speeds. It also depends on the store. Some stores dont stock electric or motorized scooters that go more than 15 m.p.h. Some stores stock scooters that go up to 30 m.p.h.! But, anyways, I would suggest buying one, because not everything can be done by yourself.(No offence if you are a pro at it) The medical bill will cost more than a scooter if you are injured trying to make your own scooter.


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