Used Electric Scooters For Adults

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Used Electric Scooters For Adults

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better search description for motor scooter?

I've been looking for one of those big Vespa style motor scooters, larger than 124 CC. But everytime I do a search anywhere I get all these little kiddie toys. You know. The skateboards with little gas or electric motors or the kind you just push with your feet. This is true on Craigslist or eBay or just about any other online for sale listing.

Is there a better word I can use in search for the adult motor scooters that will exclude all the kiddie toys? I can't afford a car but need motorized transportation to get around town and my dad says a motorcycle is out for now because scooters don't require a motorcycle license. But a motor scooter between 125 & 400 will be okay.

Your dad might be wrong. In most states if it's larger than 50cc or if it can do more than 25mph legally it's a motorcycle. Double check the law where you live before buying.


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